The Science behind MonkSays Neat

Neat reduces exposure to acetaldehyde following alcohol consumption

The human body metabolises alcohol by converting it into acetaldehyde (research says acetaldehyde is 20X more dangerous than the alcohol itself) before clearing it from your system.

Monksays Neat drastically reduces the time your body is exposed to acetaldehyde following a drinking session and thereby preventing you from having a hangover.


Efficacy of MonkSays Neat was evaluated in ethanol induced behavioural alterations and hepatotoxicity via In Vivo studies.

The studies were conducted in accordance with the guidelines of FDA, OECD, Schedule Y, EPA, ICH-GCP.


Excerpts from the studies

Science behind MonkSays NeatScience behind MonkSays Neat    Science behind MonkSays NeatScience behind MonkSays NeatScience behind MonkSays Neat

 Liver Histopathology

After administration of 400 mg/kg of MonkSays Neat, scientists have noticed a significantly lower degeneration of hepatocytes and infiltration of inflammatory cells.



Science behind MonkSays Neat   



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